Miscellaneous Notes, LinuxCon 2010

Prepared by Alison Chaiken and offered under cc-by-sa

Trade show

The trade show featured tables with representatives from the Linux Foundation's major sponsors. The MeeGo demo appeared to be the biggest hit. Intel, Nokia, FSF, Fedora, and a host of smaller companies all had displays.

Women in Free Software dinner

There were about 15 attendees at the women's dinner. Although only 3 of us attended the conference and probably fewer than half were women, the dinner was still lots of fun.


More than one person has now told me that most kernel developers own Lenovo Thinkpads, which consequently have the best driver support. I know what kind of laptop I'm getting next.


On his blog, Torvalds revealed that he had consumed 13744 espressos made with his home machine in two years of hard kernel development.

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