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Bohlmann is as steep as it
looks in the photo.

Photo credit: Thomas Preisler from the 2011 Bohlmann/On Orbit Low-Key Hillclimb logo

Not technical enough for you? Try Alison's Embedded Linux Resources page.

Old technical content, kind of chronologically:





Candle-lit, stone-tooled prehistory

Mission Peak hiking pageMission Peak map

The Cat Other cool non-technical stuff

Podcasts are my most valued source of information. beyondpod

For the insatiably curious, my Hacker Dojo profile and answers to personal FAQs.

Since I started using an N900 as my primary phone, I've been uploading my activities to HeiaHeia with eCoach rather than with MyMaps with MyTracks.

My Flickr feed, remarkably enough featuring mostly cycling and hacking photos.

"Take Your Tarantula to Work Day 1998" photo.

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