A Few Simple DNA Immobilization Protocols


Here are a few protocols I wrote to assist me in performing some simple DNA immobilization experiments. Since I am a physicist I was just happy to get these experiments working (as the included data demonstrate). The protocols are less exemplars of polished laboratory technique than proof that anyone, even physicists, can learn to do reproducible DNA immobilizations. I'd like to thank Graeme Burward-Hoy, Zhiyong Li, Amir Yasseri, Gil Perusa and Yangzhou Wang, all of HP Labs, and Ben Garland, of Thermo Electron Corporation, for their assistance.

The protocols

  • immobilization of thiolated ssDNA using DTT
  • immobilization of thiolated ssDNA using TCEP or DTT
  • immobilization and hybridization using various concentrations of oligo
  • Equipment

    In addition to the consumables I list under the individual protocols, I used the following equipment in this project:

    In performing these experiments, you will need to mix some buffers. These class notes are very helpful in figuring out what's going on. For a hands-on introduction to molecular biology techniques, consider the New England Biolabs Molecular Biology Summer School.

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